Art. 20 – Intellectual property
20.1 The brands, logos, company names mentioned inside this website are exclusive property of their owner and are protected by the current legislation regarding brands, intellectual property and/or copyright (Direttiva 2004/48/CE, Legge 633/22-04-1941, Dlgs 30/2005). The use or quote by Onegrafix di Marco Sossini is for information only and to complete the company description (Art.21 Constitution – free manifestation of thought and right to inform). The images used have the only purpose of describing our articles in the best way.

The images, brands and models that appear in this cataloghe are exclusive property of their respective constructors and are used only for illustrating and showing our graphics and decals we sell (ex art.21 L.10/02/2005,n.30). It is also noted that the article may have non original reproductions of logos and famous brands, the use of which is allowed only for decorative reasons of private nature, in no case they may be used for commercial and/or industrial reasons. Any other use is forbidden by law and will fall under the total responsability of the Buyer. Products which have brands, logos or graphics possibly covered by copyright (L.633/1941) are created upon the Buyer’s request who, accepting the contract, specifically declares that he has authorization for the use and reproduction of the requested graphics and may be bought exclusively in small quantities.
The immages, brands and logos of motorbikes and cars that appear in these pages, are exclusive property of their respective constructors and creators, they are used for the only purpose of showing the products we sell and the images may difer slightly form the actual products. Ref. all'art. 1bis R.D. 21/06/1942 n° 929 and following.
20.2 The Seller reserves all rights on texts, creations, illustrations and images shown on the web pages of in accordance with copyright and with Intellectual Property. In this regard and in accordance with the legislation on intellectual property, only private use is authorized, unless stated otherwise, including further restrictions of the Intellectual Property legislation. Any other use is seen as falsification and will be penalized in accordance with Intellectual Property, except for previous written authorization from the Seller. All total or partial reproductions of articles or pages of the catalogue on are strictly prohibited.


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